Using Hashtags as Folders on Minigroup

  • March 21, 2013

As you can imagine people write to us all the time with feature requests.

We take these requests very seriously, documenting and prioritizing them into a list of future build outs. In the meantime, however, I like to offer work-around solutions for our customers. I realize these solutions are not ideal, but I find that they definitely help some users in making Minigroup work for them.

Today: You ask for folders, I give you hashtags.

Let’s look at how you can use hashtags to “file” your posts for later reference. It is important to know how hashtags work. Our help article can give you a quick rundown.

As an example situation, say you have a Minigroup to share info about your vacation rental. Themes that members might frequently reference would surround the rental unit itself, tourist attractions, places to eat, and getting there.image

Without tagging, you find that posts get buried and are difficult to find. Members continually ask, “Where did that post go that mentioned that great Italian restaurant you recommended?”

To eliminate digging, repetition, and all these questions, I say: Tag your posts. First, decide on a consistent label for each recurring theme: 

#Unit #Attractions #Restaurants #Travel.

Create a post to act as an index of these tags. List each of those labels in that post. You can always add to the list as you come up with more themes. Pin this post to the top of your group feed so members can’t miss it.


Then, hashtag informative posts with the appropriate title. For example, use #Travel for the post with links to great flight deals. Or #Attractions for the post with admission prices at the local museum. If someone posts a question about the rental unit, tag your comment with #Unit.


Now, to quickly retrieve information, members just need to click on any tag in your pinned post. All posts with the same tag will display. So that member looking for an italian dinner for a Friday night? Clicking #Restaurants will pull up only the posts related to good eats.


While we don’t have visual folders to drag and drop posts into, this tag system works in a similar way, so you feel like you’re delving into the contents of a folder each time you click a link.

Sign in and give it a try!

If you have any other ideas you’d like me to tackle, send your feature request to 


Have a post you’d like to highlight? Pin it!

  • March 11, 2013

That’s right, for those important announcements or persistent reminders you don’t want anyone to miss, we’ve added the ability to pin a post to the top of your group feed.

Take a look in the drop down menu on a published post for the new push-pin icon. Push the pin, and your post will instantly move to the top of your feed for everyone in the group to see.


No matter how your members sort their feed, that post will stay highlighted at the top with all posts, tasks, and events sorting underneath.


To trade the post out, un-pin it (using the same drop down menu) and pin another published post. Any unpinned post will automatically fall back into it’s original spot in the feed.


Owners and group admins can use this feature to create welcome notes or announcements. In busier groups, pinned posts would make a great hashtag index for easier navigation between tagged posts.

Since only one post can be pinned at a time, think about flagging other posts as important for easy reference.

Make sure you upgrade now to use this awesome new feature!


New to Minigroup: Sort by Oldest and Condensed View

  • March 4, 2013
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Today, we bring solution to the continuous “Load more posts” and the “scroll, scroll, scrolling” you’ve been doing in your minigroups when searching or catching up on action. 

First, sort by oldest:

Sorting your feed by newest or latest activity was always an option, but now if you’re trying to find a post from back at the beginning of your Minigroup days, you can sort by oldest to get there faster.


Go to the “Sort by” drop down at the top of your feed and give it a try. You might uncover a gem of an idea you’d posted way-back-when and had completely forgotten about!

Now, condensed view:

Yes, the ability to quickly scan your feed and see more posts at once before delving into specifics. Condensed view shows only the first few lines of each post with a link to “See full post”, allowing for more content and less scrolling on each page. 


Events and images attached to posts will not collapse, as well as comments, which will display as before.

To configure your view, go to your name drop down>settings> post options.

You’ll have the option to change the view for your home page, your folder page (if you have groups sorted in folders), and per group pages.

That way if you want to see condensed posts in your main feed you can, while keeping posts expanded in individual groups.


Now, while in your settings menu, you may find some groups have the option to condense while others do not. This is because condensed view is only available for those on one of our current pricing plans.

This will also affect the ability to condense on the home and the folder page, as you cannot condense any views containing groups not part of the new model. 

We hope that groups with a lot of activity will enjoy this improvement. Let us know what you think! 




Signing up for Minigroup becomes simpler.

  • October 16, 2012

We recognize that one of the barriers you might face when starting a minigroup is getting members to join another network with more login credentials to remember.

So, to make it easier to get going with your crew, we have enabled log-in using Facebook or Google credentials with the simple click of a button.

No new username to remember, no new crazy variation of an existing password to remember (um, not that we do that).

Simply use the widget under the “Log in” or “Try it free” drop down to get started. 

If you have a pre-existing Minigroup account that you’d like to connect to Facebook or Google, go to your settings>password to configure a connection.

We’d like you to note that we are not sharing any data with Facebook or Google in any way. This change is for your convenience, only. Your minigroup conversations remain just as private as always.


A-tisket, a-tasket some changes to our task lists

  • August 8, 2012

By popular demand (and we mean POPULAR), you can now reorder tasks on Minigroup!

(Can we get a what what?)

Whether you’re reordering one task list or organizing across several lists within the same group, it’s as simple as dragging a task and dropping it into place. No need to hit edit, no need to hit save. Just make sure you are on the group page. 

In addition, completed tasks now automatically drop to the bottom of a to-do list and stay there, keeping you focused on your next steps.

Try it out! 

For more details check out our help section:, or drop us a line. 


Small additions, Big difference.

  • August 2, 2012
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We implemented two small additions recently that we hope will clarify events in a big way. 

First, we added your time zone to eliminate the whole, “Does he mean my time or his time?!”

Also, we added 24 hour time setting to eliminate, “C’est quoi ce truc ‘2pm’?!” or, “”2pm’? Dies bedeutet mir nichts!” 

Check your settings to ensure both are accurate! 


TMI, Minigroup

  • July 23, 2012
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Now that you have been using Minigroup more extensively, you’re finding that email notifications come too frequently. If you turn them off, you feel you are missing the updates you need. 

To get you closer to that sweet spot of staying in the loop, but not feeling inundated with group emails, we’ve given Tasks and Events their own notification settings along with the usual choice of Posts or Comments. 

Previously, regardless of your settings, you would always be notified when a task was assigned, updated, or completed. Additionally, you would receive notification for updates on any event. Now the choice is yours. 

Turning off a notification for any given category means you will never have to hear about anything related to that type of post, at all.

As before, you can modify per group what notifications are important to you, as well as you can reply to the group through the notification emails.

Play around! No setting is permanent.


Exporting to calendar

  • June 19, 2012

You’ve always been able to export your Minigroup events to compatible calendars, but we found that some people had troubles finding where to make this happen.

For your synching convenience, we moved the “export to calendar” link to a couple of places where it can’t be missed. You can now find it in the drop-down menu upon creating an event:

In your group options menu:

Or in its original place under the events tab.

Remember that you’ll only need to export once as all of your Minigroup events will export together. Now you have no excuses for missing out!


Survey Results

  • June 12, 2012

Thank you for taking the time to respond to our survey last week! Results flooded in providing great feedback that we’d like to take a moment to share. 

We asked about your primary use of Minigroup. There was some overlap, but it would appear that the majority of you use our service to communicate with your groups, while the rest use it for project management. 

We wanted to understand if there was any interest in adding a public side to Minigroup in conjunction with the present, private Minigroup.  Overall, the results were mixed with interest in following public groups taking slight majority over interest in participating. Results for re-sharing to social media platforms also came back combined.  

Finally, we were so thrilled to see that an overwhelming number of you took the time to write with ways we could improve Minigroup. Thank you for your dedication and support! We have been diligently reading through these comments and identifying several themes that will help to drive us in the right direction. 

Please keep your feedback coming via email, Twitter, or Facebook and keep an eye out changes! 


A change of view is sometimes nice!

  • June 6, 2012

You may have noticed we’ve made a few small changes on Minigroup that will help clarify where you are and what you are looking at.

First, we added your profile image to the navigation bar at the top of each page. Clicking on your pretty face will bring you back to the main feed, where you can continue to catch up with all your group activity.

We retitled the main feed with, “All Groups” to give you a clear indication of what you are viewing and we’ve added some helpful data that keeps an updated count of all the groups you belong to, the number of great people you are connected with, and the amount of unaccepted invites.

Finally, we changed the “Activity” tab to say “All”. Don’t fret, the feed is the same, showing all the posts, messages, and events across your groups as usual. By adding more buttons under this tab (+Post, +Task, +Event, +File) we hope that getting the conversation going will be much easier for you.

Enjoy the new view, and let us know if you have questions!